Work Package 1

Project management and coordination

Task Leader: CUT   /   Duration: 36 months

Work Package Description

WP1 is led by Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and entails project management and coordination, overseeing the planning of the overall financial and administrative project organization and activities.

  • To plan the overall financial and administrative project organisation and activities
  • To ensure the correct implementation of the project activities in order to obtain foreseen outputs and results planned
  • To manage any risk raised and to mitigate it effectively
  • Τo ensure overall progress according to time and allocated budget
  • To coordinate the consortium and monitor each partner’s work, with effective management and communication mechanisms
  • To report progress to the Project Officer within the European Commission
  • To monitor and evaluate all project activities and deliverables
  • T1.1 Management and General Administration
  • T1.2 Financial Management
  • T1.3 Quality Assurance
  • T1.4 IP and Ethics Management
  • D1.1 Project Management and Financial Guidelines
  • D1.2 Quality Assurance Plan and Tools
  • D1.3 Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • D1.4 Updated Data Management Plan (DMP)
Work Package 2

Dissemination and Sustainability Strategies

Task Leader: CSI   /   Duration: 36 months

Work Package Description

WP2 is led by Center for Social Innovation (CSI) and entails the dissemination and the sustainability strategies of the project.

  • To disseminate the project’s progress and results to all stakeholders.
  • To coordinate, organize and execute various communication activities
  • To exploit the project’s results by promoting the overall method and achievements as an exemplar for future initiatives around Europe.
  • To ensure the sustainability of the project by informing policy-makers, affecting their decisions/policies
  • T2.1 News items and stories developed and published by all partners on the project’s website
  • T2.2 Social media campaign in (at least) 5 EU countries
  • T2.3 Final international conference (in Brussels)
  • T2.4 Exploitation of the project’s approach
  • T2.5 2 journal papers, 2 conference papers
  • D2.1 Published stories by the partners and news items
  • D2.2 Dissemination Activities
  • D2.3 Scientific publications
  • D2.4 Dissemination and exploitation plan
  • D2.5 Project website
Work Package 3

Virtual platform/Observatory and AI

Task Leader: CSSA   /   Duration: 30 months

Work Package Description

WP3 is led by Computer Solutions S.A (CSSA) and entails the design of the virtual observatory and co-OPERATOR platform. The focus of WP3 is on developing training tools and online platforms to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge with aim to increase vaccine uptake and vaccine literacy among participating countries and will support decision-makers, experts, and EU citizens to understand the determinants of vaccine uptake and healthcare professionals’ barriers and facilitators of promoting vaccine information.

  • Develop innovative digital tools and the platform to support the data collection and management, the ongoing observation and the promotion of vaccination tracking, awareness and information among the general public
  • Design and develop an ongoing digital observatory to support the future policy making and strategy in health crisis, deploying forward looking technologies like virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence
  • Provide digital and asynchronous learning and training opportunities to relevant professionals and the public
  • T3.1 Technical Specifications
  • T3.2 AI for identifying patterns/presenting solutions
  • D3.1 Online platform finalized
  • D3.2 Digital Observatory
Work Package 4

Understanding and Preparing

Task Leader: UNIPI   /   Duration: 24 months

Work Package Description

WP4 is led by University of Pisa (UNIPA) and entails tasks for advancing communication and knowledge skills while addressing systemic barriers and facilitators for effectively promoting vaccination messages to the population.

  • Build survey tools including review of available questionnaires, focus groups for content development, pilot for psychometric/scoring properties, translation procedure, cultural adaptation
  • Report best practices in promoting vaccination programmes at local, national and EU level
  • Feed best practices to platform
  • T4.1 Desk Review
  • T4.2 National experts’ engagement
  • T4.3 Survey tools development and validation
  • D4.1 Use review and interview analysis to map public health evidence on large-scale vaccination
  • D4.2 Online surveys with questionnaires validated and culturally adapted
  • D4.3 Inventory of coOPERATOR essential domains
Work Package 5

Mapping, Research and Implementation

Task Leader: CUT    /   Duration: 18 months

Work Package Description

WP5 is led by Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and entails the mapping, the research, and the implementation of research activities.

  • To effectively implement the co-OPERATOR Learning Activities in all partner countries and multiply its online use and accessibility in most EU member states, to at least 700 educators, head teachers, practitioners, academics, civil society stakeholders
  • To build the capacity, skills and understanding of health professionals, practitioners, academics, civil society stakeholders
  • To collect good examples of implementation that will support the future spread
  • T5.1 Collect quantitative data from the general population using the online survey
  • T5.2 Collect quantitative data from healthcare professionals using the online survey
  • T5.3 Pilot testing of the platform and training toolkit
  • T5.4 Training of health professionals, practitioners, academics, civil society
  • T5.5 Final evaluations and conclusions
  • D5.1 Training the targeted audiences (online and workshop)
  • D5.2 Evaluation and Implementation Report
Work Package 6

Translate research evidence to policy recommendations

Task Leader: UM   /   Duration: 36 months

Work Package Description

WP6 is led by Maastricht University (MU) and entails the capacity building within local communities and civil society stakeholders structured online courses and face-to-face workshops. Additionally, this WP aims to translate evidence generated in WP3 to WP5 to develop advice on addressing challenges and scaling up COVID-19 vaccination efforts through a Policy Lab. This platform facilitates the sharing of best practices among participating countries, mapping barriers and facilitators to mass vaccination using data from WP4 and WP5.

  • Translate research evidence into evidence-based recommendations by engaging with stakeholders through a Policy Lab to address barriers and knowledge gaps and co-create practical solutions for implementation at regional and national and European level.
  • T6.1 Setting the ground
  • T6.2 Co-identification of potential obstacles and challenges
  • T6.3 Co-creation of solutions
  • T6.4 Focus Groups
  • D6.1 Intervention toolset
  • D6.2 Implementation and sustainability report