Cittadinanzattiva APS is an organization, founded in Italy in 1978, which promotes citizens’ activism for the protection of rights, the care of common goods, the support for people in conditions of weakness in Italy and abroad.

Our mission refers to article 118, last paragraph of the Italian Constitution, proposed by us and implemented in the constitutional reform of 2001. Article 118 recognizes the autonomous initiative of citizens, individuals and associates, for carrying out activities of common interest and, based on the principle of subsidiarity, provides for the obligation of institutions to favor active citizens.

Cittadinanzattiva, which has also been officially recognized in Italy as a consumer organization since 2000, is independent from any political affiliation, trade unions, private companies, and public institutions.

Cittadinanzattiva considers citizens a fundamental resource for democracy, who play an active role in society and should have the opportunity to participate in everyday policy making.

As the European interface of Cittadinanzattiva, Active Citizenship Network operates in coherence with Cittadinanzattiva’s mission. It is therefore deeply involved and active, both at the European level and across EU Member States, to increase the promotion of civic activism and participation in the political arena, and to better protect citizens’ rights, which are both the strength and the uniqueness of ACN.